A Little Behind the Times?


Anyone from the UK or other European areas will probably scoff at me for this post and wonder where I’ve been the past few years. BUT I can defend myself, as I have in fact been in the U.S. where we have been vastly unaware of this trend and I hope it’s starting to creep across the ocean because I’m in love. More fashion and trend conscious people have embraced this across the pond, but overall it is severely lacking in the general population of the U.S. and I am petitioning for this to change!

The trend I am talking so highly of is…sneakers! The only place I noticed this popping up in the U.S. was during the summer when I was working in Nordstrom and the extremely fashion conscious male sales associates would rock the occasional Nike Roshe or Adidas with their suits, and some of the women would pull out some sleek Nikes as well. The occasional New Balance 420 would pop up around town as well, but overall the majority of people were sticking to the usual boots and booties. Keeping in mind I was also confined to the West Coast over the summer and over my holiday break in December (specifically Seattle, which has an extremely relaxed vibe). Here in England, the sneaker (or trainers as they’re called here) trend is so in your face it’s impossible to miss. The usual look for girls includes skinny jeans with a chunkier sneaker and an inch of ankle showing. Comfy and cute? I had to try it out.


My clearly loved and well-worn Nikes

Over the summer I had purchased a pair of safe and simple black Nikes to try out the trend tentatively for myself. I loved the slight athleisure vibe sneakers gave off while paired with a fancier top/trousers. I was nervous at first to branch to this style of footwear as many of my friends deeply questioned my reasoning behind this, but I just defended my choice with a smile and a simple “I like them.”

I’ve worn my black Nikes so often throughout the past few months and I knew I was in desperate need of a second pair of sneakers, especially while living here in the UK. I had my eye on a pair of maroon New Balance 420s for the longest time and I truly believed this would be my next purchase. However, one fated day in Urban Outfitters would change this. I had seen many girls rocking Air Max sneakers here, especially in black and navy blue. They seemed comfortable and just the right about of bulky mixed with sleek features. Already having way too many pairs of black shoes, I was going to steer away from the Air Max. But alas, Urban Outfitters happened to be carrying a gorgeous style of Air Max that I couldn’t look away from. They’re soft lavender with some darker tones around the bottom. They have the classic Air Max shape and I fell in love instantly. I couldn’t get them out of my head and after two days of dreaming about them I returned to the store and snatched them up. They’re extremely comfortable and add just the right amount of fun and color to any outfit.


I have caught the sneaker fever and it’s bad. I am still dreaming of the New Balance 420s and maybe during a moment of extreme weakness I’ll head into the city and buy them. Is anyone else loving the sneaker trend?  Do I sound crazy to people for thinking this is newsworthy? Let me know your favorite sneakers! I have a strong feeling this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.




P.S. Some sneakers I’m loving…

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

The 90’s are Calling…

Turtlenecks! If you asked me a few years ago if I would reach for a large turtleneck automatically in the morning I would have laughed and said absolutely not. In high school friends would share stories of how turtlenecks haunted their childhood and we would all agree we’d never touch those horrid things with a thirty-nine and a half foot pole (yes, Christmas is over but I always enjoy a good Grinch reference).

So how did this massive insurgence of turtlenecks happen within the past few months? They’re in all the stores and dominated the glossy magazine pages throughout the season. I have personally come to love this versatile as well as practical item of clothing. I may even go as far as to call it the MVP of winter fashion.


Now I’m not talking about the skin tight, rolled down turtleneck, although those can look chic and polished in their own way if done right. I am instead mainly talking about the oversized, comfy sweater that checks off every winter necessity. Warm and cozy? Check. Feels like the equivalent of wrapping up in a blanket? Check. Versatile with all outfits? Check. Fashionable? Check. They can be worn simply with leggings or jeans, paired with boots, flat, sneakers… The possibilities are honestly endless!

I am currently loving my grey Topshop sweater that I received for Christmas. It is the easiest thing to throw on when I’m in a rush and so soft it’s unreal. I love that it doesn’t have acces fabric to fold over and instead is more of a funnel-like collar.


IMG_3816                                                   Topshop sweater, similar here

Originally, to sort of ease myself into the whole turtleneck trend, I opted to go for a cowl-neck sweater dress that gave just the right about of form-fitting goodness. Going with a cowl-neck is a great alternative to a turtleneck, as it is extremely forgiving and does not require much fuss and also provides an effortless look. Paired with tights and cute ankle chelsea boots makes for a fun, comfortable winter outfit.


IMG_3879                                   H&M Cowl Neck Sweaterdress, similar here


I especially love wearing a casual, oversized turtleneck sweater with skinny jeans and fun sneakers (more on this trend later…) along with a classic black wool coat for extra warmth. Who else is having a lot of fun with this trend? I for one hope that turtlenecks are here to stay! Let me know your favorite looks below!

**Elle Magazine has a great slideshow of 50 different ways to wear a turtleneck that is definitely worth checking out.

Invasion of Massive Scarves!

I’ve always thought that a nice scarf adds just the right bit of extra oomph to an outfit. Does anybody else remember when infinity scarves were all the rage? I must have a collection of at least 15 different infinity scarves in my closet sitting untouched since high school. I still see them in stores, but the trend seems to have moved on, or at least I’ve moved on.


I’ve recently become enamored with the massive, blanket-like scarves being sported as of late. I knew I’d need one before I left for England, and so I picked up the pictured one before leaving. I am so in love with it!  I use it almost every day as a nice blockade against the harsh winds here. I’ve even used it as a wrap around my shoulders in the library when the temperature dips a bit. The only drawback is that it sheds like crazy! I usually wear a black wool coat and I have to use a lint brush to remove all the fuzz almost everyday. Small price to pay for such coziness, though!


Currently doing all I can to will myself not to buy any more large scarves. Let’s just hope this frigid weather moves on quickly so that I won’t continue to be tempted 🙂 Anyone else loving the big blanket-like scarves recently? Tell me your favorite ones!